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    • RA resizedRobert Akanyang BSc QS, Hons; MIBQS;MRICS

      Robert Akanyang is a Motswana and holds a Bachelors of Science Degree (BSc,Hons) obtained from the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. He is a professional member of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS). He is currently serving as the Chairman of the Institute Botswana Quantity Surveyors (IBQS) having previously served as its Secretary and Vice Secretary.
      Mr Akanyang has 18 years of experience in quantity surveying. During his career he has worked on a wide range of projects overseeing procurement and implementation stages. He has experience in a wide range of procurement methods and widely used standard forms of contracts.
      He is currently serving as Interim Secretary of the Quantity Surveyors' Registration Council (QSRC) and is a founding Director of Akanyang Skinner Associates (Pty) Ltd, incorporated in 2003, a consulting quantity surveying firm.

    • Goarengwe
      Mr Motlhophi Goarengwe

      Motlhophi Gaorengwe has over 25 years’ experience as a Quantity Surveyor. He is a founder and Managing Director of Estima Consulting (Pty) Ltd, a consulting quantity surveying practice incorporated in 2006. During his career, he has worked on a wide range of projects, overseeing procurement and implementation of projects in Public and Private sectors.

      Mr. Gaorengwe holds a BSc(Hons) QS from the University of Greenwich, London in the United Kingdom. In addition to the Quantity Surveying qualifications, Mr. Gaorengwe holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Botswana. He is a member of the Institute of Botswana Quantity Surveyors (IBQS) having served in various committees. He is also a member of Botswana Institute of Development Professions (BIDP).

    • Segolame Ngwato

      Segolame Ngwato Segolame Ngwato is a Motswana lady who holds a Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Degree in Quantity Surveying obtained from Sheffield Hallam University , United Kingdom. A professional member of Institute of Botswana Quantity Surveyors (IBQS), served as an Executive member of IBQS from 2009-2013 and as an additional member of Botswana Institute of Development Professions (BIDP) from 2009-2010. Appointed as an Advisory Committee member of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) from 2011-2015.
      Segolame Ngwato has over 17 years of technical and professional experience in both Quantity Surveying and Mining Industry. She has a vast experience in Quantity Surveying, Contract Administration and Cost Engineering fields. She has worked for Botswana Government, a Consulting Quantity Surveying firm and Debswana Diamond Mining Company.

    • Ookeditse Leburu
      Ookeditse Leburu

      Ookeditse Leburu is a Motswana with a BSc(Hons) degree in Quantity Surveying obtained from the University of Central England in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Mr Leburu had a short stint with two citizen owned Quantity Surveying firms in 2001 as a graduate quantity surveyor, before joining the then Department of Architecture & Building Services in 2002. In 2004 the Department merged with the Department of Electrical & Mechanical Services to form the Department of Building & Engineering Services, where Mr Leburu is currently employed. Mr Leburu rose through the ranks from the position of Assistant Quantity Surveyor to the Position of Principal Quantity Surveyor I, his current position.
      Mr Leburu has over 16 years of experience in the quantity surveying field. Throughout the years Mr Leburu has been involved in the preparation of tender documents (Bills of Quantities); contract administration which include valuation of work on site , variation orders & settlement of final accounts for various building infrastructure projects for Government.

    • S MonyamaneService Motsamai Monyamane BSc (Hons) QS; MIBQS; PrQS (BW)

      Service Monyamane has practised as a Quantity Surveyor in Botswana since the beginning of the year 2001 after graduating with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree (BSc, Hons) in Quantity Surveying from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.
      Mr. Monyamane has worked for various Quantity Surveying consultancy firms in Botswana, including Kille & Dannhauser, AGB Botswana and AECOM (a global Fortune 500 company listed on the New York Stock Exchange). At AECOM he rose to the position of Director and Country Manager for Botswana.
      Mr. Monyamane has overseen the provision of Quantity Surveying services on various prestigious projects in Botswana including Construction of Gaborone High Court & Court of Appeal, Fairscape Precinct, Botswana Innovation Hub Icon Building and Zambezi Towers, among many others. He has also served as a member of the Project Management Team for Primary Schools Facilities Backlog Eradication Project.
      Mr. Monyamane is a former Vice-Chairman of the Institute of Botswana Quantity Surveyors.

    • qsrc council placeholderPeo Pillar

      Peo Pillar holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from University of Botswana obtained in 1995 and attained ACCA qualification in 1998. In 2010 she completed an MBA in Financial Services through the London School of Business and Finance. Mrs Pillar holds various professional memberships and is a Fellow Member of ACCA, Associate Member of the Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA) and Alumni of UNISA. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in internal auditing, external auditing and financial accounting; having worked in audit for eight years and in financial accounting for 13 years. She is currently the Deputy Chief Financial Officer at Mascom Wireless.